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Turn-Key Investing

There’s never been an easier way to invest in Florida real estate.  Equity First Realty is proud to be the only Wholesale Brokerage offering a truly turn-key option on most of our properties.  If you’re looking to buy a property for pennies on the dollar but would prefer not to deal with the renovations and rental management, consider our turn-key approach.  Here’s our simple 3-Step Process to owning investment  property:

  1. Discount Acquisition – our experienced sales team will assist you with the purchase of an undervalued property that fits your criteria.
  2. Renovations – we will take care of all necessary repairs so that the property is in rental-ready condition within 2 or 3 weeks after closing.
  3. Rent Guarantee – a tenant will be placed within a specified period of time after closing has taken place.  Our tenant marketing system is so advanced that our average tenant placement time is less than 30 days.  We will send you a monthly proceeds payment with an accounting statement showing your income for the period.

Please call us today to discuss your investment possibilities.  Our success depends on your success so we truly look forward to exceeding your expectations.